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System Requirements

System requirements for Softacar automation use are described in detail below.

These are the basic features that are standard on every server. If one or more of these requirements are not present on your server, the Softacar installation can not take place. Before you setup, you can check and confirm with the requirement controller that is described below whether these features are available on your web host.

System Requirements
  • Current version of Ioncube
  • PHP 7.2+
  • cURL Library
  • Mod_ReWrite
  • PDO & MySQL
  • ZipArchive
  • MUltiByte String
  • OpenSSL
  • GD Library
  • Intl Extension
  • MySQL Strict Mode should be turned off.
Required Functions

The functions listed below must be open and available on your server. (These are generally standard on all servers.)

glob pdo&mysql mysqli
info json zip
finfo idn_to_asci  

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