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"Beginners, small businesses and those who want to try the system freely"
Download your "Softacar" rent a car automation for free, upload it on your server and start working.

The free license includes the following terms;

25 Clients • 3 Vehicles • 1 Branch • 1 Staff • Free Update

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What are the Terms and Conditions?

  • You must have a "" user account. Click to register.
  • There is a limit of 25 clients. No customer registrations can be made more than this limit.
  • You can add 3 vehicles to the system.
  • 1 staff account can be used.
  • You can add 1 branch to the system.
  • There is no predetermined license expiration date.
  • Updates are always free.
  • Other features are the same as the "Economy" license type on the pricing page.

What if the client limit and vehicle limit are exhausted?

When the client limit and vehicle addition limit for a free license expire, you can no longer receive new customer registration and add new vehicles to the system. To remove limits, you need to upgrade to a paid license.

Can I change my free license's domain name later?

Yes you can. You can change the license domain information at any time through your client area.

Do I need a reinstallation for Softacar if I upgrade to a paid license?

No need. You can continue to use the same without any action.

Do you have any questions?

We have a great team to answer your queries
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